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Zain Industries Company Ltd. (Zain)

Zain (formerly Mobeed) is a limited liability company with its head office in Jeddah and the factory in Jubail Industrial City. It is primarily engaged in the production and sales of a wide variety of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) covering Insecticide, Air Care and Cleaning products in aerosol and liquid forms. Zain products are sold in the Saudi market, as well as in the neighboring GCC and other Middle East countries. It is also doing formulation, filling, packing, marketing and distribution of a wide range of Agrochemical and Public & Animal Health Pesticide Products.


Zain plant is also capable of manufacturing high quality Suspension Concentrate (SC) and Emulsion Concentrate (EC) of Insecticides, Fungicides, Herbicides and Nematicides for Agriculture, as well as Aerosols for Public Health, to cater to the needs of Saudi Arabia, other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries in particular and the Middle East in general.




Zain factory, built to the highest technical and environmental standards, consists of Emulsion Concentrate and Suspension Concentrate formulation units, a Filling Line and an Aerosol Line, and associated facilities.

Zain is currently undertaking an expansion program to increase its capacity and diversify activities by introducing a variety of new products in the Home & Personal Care, Industrial& Institutional Cleaners, as well as Agrochemicals & Public Health segments.


Zain Air Joy Lavender

Lavender is a short flowering shrub that grows in sunny, rocky habitats. It is native to the mountainous areas of the Mediterranean but grows in many places across Europe, Australia and the United States.


Air Joy Lavender air freshener is specially conceived with you in mind. Its unmatched fragrance would freshen up your home and you would be smitten by its pleasant aroma. It spreads all around easily and fast.


Zain Air JoyOud

Oud (Agarwood) is a native to Southeast Asia and is reputed to be the most expensive wood in the world. It is a resinous, fragrant heartwood produced primarily by trees in the genus Aquilaria. The odour of Oud is complex and pleasing, with few or no similar natural equivalents. As a result, Agar wood and its essential oil gained great cultural and religious significance in ancient civilizations around the world.


Air JoyOud air fresheneris unique in its recipe and is canned for premium consumers. Its scent is deep and mesmerizing and lingers on in the air for long time. Air Joy Oud gives a dignified aura to the environment, be it office or home. You would love this beautiful offering only from Zain.


Zain Air Joy Jasmine Zain Air Joy Jasmine

Widely cultivated for its flowers, jasmine is enjoyed in the garden as a house plant, and as cut flowers. The delicate jasmine flower opens only at night and is plucked in the morning when the tiny petals are tightly closed, then stored in a cool place until night. The petals begin to open between six and eight in the evening, as the temperature lowers.

Air Joy Jasmine air freshener is popular everywhere and its pleasant scent is liked by all. It removes the bad odor in the air and freshens up the environment. It spreads all around easily and in a mild manner.




Zain Air Joy Rose

Roses, coming in a variety of colors, need no introduction. Literature, especially poetry, will be incomplete without a mention of Rose. Rose is part of human history in all parts of the world.

Air Joy Rose air freshener offers a cherished flavor. Its enchanting fragrance is refreshing and enlivening. It removes the unpleasant odor of homes and offices. It spreads all around easily and fast.




Zain Starch Spray

An exclusive offering from Zain, Zain Starch Spray has conquered the users’ imaginations. The demand for this product is growing and with each passing day, Zain Starch Spray is proving a winner. Here is an excellent product, if you are looking for economy without compromising on quality.




Zain Bravo 4 u Furniture Polish

Bravo 4u Furniture Polish cleans, cares and protects your furniture. It fills your home with natural aroma. Bravo 4 u is a multi-use furniture polish suitable for use on all sealed wooden surface, metal, glass, marble, ceramics and enamel finishes. The unique formula of Bravo 4 u contains a blend of waxes and conditioners which easily removes dust and dirt and protects furniture from daily wear.




Zain Shield Insects Killer

Shield all-purpose insects killer is formulated to provide fast killing power against flying and crawling insects found in and around dwelling places.




ZAIN BRAVO 4 U ANTISTATIC SPRAY Zain Bravo 4 u Antistatic Spray

Bravo 4u Antistatic Spray eliminates static electricity causing uncomfortable cling from all fabric, clothing, carpets, furniture and electronic equipments. It is safe for use on lingerie and nightwear dresses.




Zain Bravo 4 u Oven Cleaner

Bravo 4 u Oven Cleaner cleans ovens, stoves, grills and exhaust fans. It removes greases, oil and stains from cold surfaces, making the wares clean and shiny.





Zain Bravo 4 u Stainless Steel Polish

Bravo 4 u Stainless Steel Polish cleans fast and easily removing water, oil and grease stains. It polishes with no abrasion to dull or scratch surfaces. The film that remains resists water marking, soiling and dust pick up. Bravo 4 u steel polish is water based creamy emulsion spray works better than solvent based products. It is ideal for use on metal, plastic and enameled surfaces and oven hoods. Its uses extend to restaurants, offices, manufacturing facilities, laboratories and elevators.




Zain Bravo 4 u Leaf Shine

Bravo 4 u Leaf Shine cleans, protects and shines leaves of indoor plants. It keeps the foliage healthy and dust free.