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Alujain Corporation is a Saudi joint stock company established in 1991 with headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by a group of prominent Saudi/Gulf businessmen, and its share capital is SR692 million ($185 million).

What We Do

Alujain Corporation identifies, promotes, develops and invests in major industrial projects in the petrochemicals, mining, metals and energy sectors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by taking advantage of the Kingdom's natural resources vis-a-vis hydrocarbons and mineral deposits.

Contact us

Alujain Corporation
8345 Essa Al Adawi st – Al Baghdadyyah Al Gharbyya
Unit No. 2
Jeddah 22231 – 3746
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Tel : +966 (012) 652 9919
Fax: +966 (012) 652 9949
EmailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.